Premiere Date and Exciting 20-Episode Order Confirmed For Vikings Season 4!

There are subtle hints regarding who could take over the place of Ragnar Lothbrok once he passes away. In the preview, Ragnar’s son appears to be quite prominent and it is quite certain that he will be the one to rule after his father dies. Bjorn can be seen commanding the army in the name of his father in some of the clips.

The leadership skills of Bjorn get highlighted and this could actually foretell the kind of a ruler he will turn into, once Ragnar leaves his place. However, there are many more clues provided by the trailer.

A snippet of young Bjorn and a young Ragnar makes an appearance while Athelstan’s (George Blagden) voiceover says, “One generation passes away, and another generation comes.” With these kinds of words in the background, it reveals the kind of bond that the father and son possess. As a result, viewers are pretty sure that Bjorn’s generation will soon unfold.

Moreover, Bjorn, played by Alexander Ludwig was photographed with what appeared to be a gray beard. This indicates that the show might be moving forward a lot of years, as evidenced by the beard. The same rumor was also confirmed by the creator Michael Hirst during the San Diego Comic-con.

Stay tuned for more updates on Vikings Season 4!