2016 Apple MacBook Pro: Rumors Regarding the MacBook Pro Just Doesn’t Seem to Die Down, We Break Down the Facts for You!

Last March, Apple announced a new Macbook that comes with Retina Display and according to the latest rumors; Apple will be holding a launch event in March next year in order to unveil the MacBook Air 2016.

Looking at the past release patterns of Apple MacBooks, it is seen that Apple usually announces the latest MacBook models in the spring. Furthermore, the earlier MacBook models are now available at discounted rates.

Therefore, it is very likely that the MacBook Air 2016 will be announced in March. There are further rumors which indicate that Apple will hold a launch event in March 2016 in order to reveal the successor of the famed Apple Watch. Apple iPhone 6C is another rumored product that should be announced in the March 2016 event.

It is a 4inch smartphone which reports indicate, has already entered the production phase. The iPad Air 2 was announced by Apple back in October 2014. However, its successor model is yet to arrive and currently it is expected to be revealed next year. The latest batch of rumors is also suggesting that the Apple iPad Air 3 will also be revealed next year.

This year, we witnessed how Apple maintained a time gap between of few months between the iPad Pro which arrived in September and the 15inch MacBook Pro that was launched in May. Christian Today reported that Apple will be releasing the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro after the launch of the MacBook Air 2016.

According to the latest speculations, the launch event will probably be on June 2016. The iPad Pro was announced along with the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S but the large iPad was released in the stores a few months later. When it comes to the 2016 Apple MacBook Pro, Apple should be following the same old strategy.

There are also rumors suggesting that when 2016 Apple MacBook Pro is released, the device will not be ready for purchase until a few months later. It is being said that Apple has adopted this strategy to keep the interest alive among potential buyers. It will also provide sufficient time for both the products to gain a significant amount of popularity.

This trend will also stop the products from competing against each other. From the looks of it, the strategy sounds pretty unique and result-generating. Knowing Apple, they will never devise a plan that brings them anything but profit.

However, the end of the year is drawing close and any reports regarding 2016 Apple MacBook Pro and the 2016 MacBook Air is pretty rare. However, Economic Daily news shared something that sounds interesting.

According to it, there is a new thinner MacBook Air that will be revealed at the California-based company’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), which is scheduled to take place in June 2016. This could mean that new laptops will be hitting the market in the third quarter of 2016.

Meanwhile, according to a report by International Business Times, the MacBook with Retina Display was released last March and a launch event should be held in March 2016 for the upcoming MacBook Air.

At the same time, this report outlined the fact that the successor model of the first Apple Watch will be revealed in the same March 2016 Launch Event, along with the iPhone 6C as well.

Keep in mind that Apple tends to remain quiet about any product until a few weeks before its launch. This is done so that the rumors keep circulating about a wide range of possible devices and specifications and this keeps the hype train going as well.