2016 Apple MacBook Pro: Rumors Regarding the MacBook Pro Just Doesn’t Seem to Die Down, We Break Down the Facts for You!

In the meantime, Master Herald stated that a March launching event sounds more plausible due to the fact that it had a similar launching event in March this year.

It was during this time that the Apple MacBook and the Apple Watch were revealed. Compared to that, a June launching event sounds rather non-traditional and impossible since the company didn’t have a June launching event for many years.

However, a July launching event took place this year when Apple unveiled the Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation along with the official announcement regarding the beta testing for IOS version 9.0. keep in mind that Apple is yet to make any official announcement regarding the launch of any of the devices mentioned above. Therefore, it is safe to assume that all of it is merely speculations at this point.

In the meantime, you should expect the new MacBook Air to run on the latest OS version, codenamed El Capitan. According to Australian Network News, the device will also sport a USB Type C port.

There should be a different cooling module and battery with its thinner and lighter form. The price of the 2016 MacBook Air is yet to confirmed, but expect something in the ballpark of $1299.

Stay tuned for more updates on 2016 Apple MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2016!