Portal 3 to be released early 2017

Portal 3 release date

Portal 3 is an amazing puzzle-platform video game, that was originally introduced by Valve Corporation and it will be released in the market by the end of 2016. The new game, just like its two prequels (Portal and Portal 2) is comprised of many different puzzles, that the players have to solve by teleporting their characters, as well as by using the ‘Dual Portal Gun’, a special device that creates blue and orange portals.

Portal 3 game

The new arrival of this game have some magnificent characteristics, such as a fantastic entry, as well as magnificent exit portals on the various surfaces. In fact, these surfaces were designed in order to help player’s characters being able to complete the series of puzzles within the game. Moreover, the game consists also of a very solid storyline, with a menace antagonist, who threatens the gamers and try to make it very hard for them to complete their mission, by solving the puzzles. This amazing and adventurous game is divided into various different chambers, where the characters are tested through a number of puzzle solving platforms. The other sections of Portal 3 game are basically exploratory fields, that connect the various chambers.


The players return as the human Chell, who has mystriously woken up once again in the Apertur Science Enrichment Center, as this game play takes place approximately after two years of the events of the Portal 2 game and as two other main robots. There are other two characters in Portal 3; the two robots, under the names Atlas and P-Body. All three characters can move and interact with various objects in their environment and they also have the capacity to withstand certain damages for a brief moment.

The characters have the capacity to withstand a number of large drops within the gameplay, but can also be destroyed by falling in the toxic water of the facility and eventually they can be crushed into death. Chell must navigate and pass through the facilities, as well as the test chambers, while at the same time an artificially intelligent computer (GLaDOS) is trying to marke the progress of Chell’s success. Moreover, Chell has also to deal with a number of villains, who are trying to make it very difficult for him, by resisting their plots and lies and by trying to defeat him.

The main goal of the game

The main goal of the Portal 3 game is for the players to try to navigate their characters through the Apertur Science facility. It’s not an easy task, because they have to overcome a number of difficulties on their way. Players need to know also that while even the most part of the game takes place in various chambers, where they need to test their skills and overcome various obstacles, there are also some areas that are behind the scene. If their characters fall into a solid surface there is no penalty for them. When Chell dies, she would actually restart to the recent checkpoint, and when one of the two robots, Atlas or P-Body die, the robots actually respaw shortly after.

Levels of the Portal 3 game

The game contains a number of interesting levels, that the players have to pass successfully, in order to be able to boost their performance and be able to move to more advanced levels. In Portal 3 puzzle game, the first levels provide some tutorials for the players. For example, they give them some instructions on certain movement controls, as well as how they need to interact within a specific environment. Then, the players need to solve a number of interesting puzzles, by using the special ‘portal gun’, a portal device, which can in fact create two portals, by connecting two surfaces that are distant from one another at the same time.

Furthermore, the players need to remember that only some surfaces in Portal 3 game can actually accept portals; these are the matte white and flat ones. Like in the previous Portal games, the characters in this game can make use of these portals, in order to be able to move between different rooms or to ‘flying’ objects. But in this game the outlines of placed portals can actually be seen through walls and some other obstacles.

The Portal 3 game is expected to be released in the market by the end of 2016 or the first days of 2017. Many fans expect the new game with high anticipation.