Popcorn Time: Banned by the UK High Court, App Is Still Being Used By Users, And More Details

After all of this, the unknown developer of the application has expressed his displeasure towards the UK judicial system. He also went on to say that he feels sorry for citizens of UK who have been deprived of their basic rights like freedom of speech.  The developer also went on to say that he would like to see people stand up against such judgements and mass protest should take place.

The developer said that the move was very predictable and shall be short lived, he went on to assure users that the application will continue to stream and they will be working very hard towards making the application fully p2p.

This is turning out to be one exciting fight between an anonymous developer of an application facing copyrights charges and the judicial system of United Kingdom.

Only time will tell who ultimately gets the last laugh in this manner. Can the judicial set up of UK make sure that the verdict passed is implemented properly or is it going to be the developer who will be able to stand up on the assurance made by him to the users of the application?

Covers over these will only be let off in due course of time.