Kate Middleton Pregnancy: The World Meets The New Princess, Russian Conspiracy Theory, And More Details

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are proud parents of a little baby girl. The princess was introduced to the world at 6:12pm on the steps of St. Mary’s Hospital, as is the tradition. The baby girl to Kate Middleton and Prince William was born on 2nd May.

Kate Middleton pregnancy had created a lot of buzz in the media. There was excitement surrounding the birth of the second royal baby. Kate Middleton was due around the 23rd-25th of March but she passed her due date. She had passed her due date and there were reports that she will be induced.

The world had been waiting patiently for the second royal baby and finally she arrived! Kate Middleton wore a yellow and white dress with nude heels and she held the little princess in her arms. She was wrapped up in a white blanket and cap.

Prince William and Kate Middleton smiled and waved at the large crowd of well wishers that had gathered to see the newborn. William helped Kate down a few flights of stairs and they stood outside on the pavement for a few minutes before going in again.

This appearance by Kate Middleton and Prince William, less than 10 hours after the delivery of their daughter, has sparked off quite a few rumors and conspiracy theories. There’s a Russian paper that has said that the royal baby is fake!

They claimed that Kate Middleton appeared to perfect to be a new mother. A mere 10 hours after the delivery of her baby and she looked rested and pretty; standing there wearing heels!

According to the pro government newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda, The Duchess of Cambridge hadn’t delivered the baby at all. She used a surrogate and merely posed with the baby. The women reportedly said that she had been wearing a fake belly for all these months to give an allusion about her pregnancy.

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  1. Not one REAL woman who has given birth can look at Kate Middleton and think she gave birth – no signs with the baby, no signs with her body, etc – this has gone on for months – also, why does George have DARK brown eyes?

    Think about it some.

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