Popcorn Time Back from The Dead, App Goes Online with Hail Hydra Update, Is It a Trap Setup by The MPAA? We’ll See

A number of forks of Popcorn Time had come into existence with time. however, it should be noted that the popcorntime.io domain was the official site of the service until it was shut down. These other forks are referred to as clones and users reported that many of these sites contained harmful threats like malwares and paywalls.

A renowned website reports that the original developers of Popcorn Time are not associated with the resurrected app. The report further claims that MPAA is still in control of a number of domains that are currently being used by the revived app.

However, the private keys that are used in the project are quite similar to the ones that were used by the original team for the purpose of distribution. The site suggested that this could be a trap that is being setup by the MPAA itself. If that is indeed the case, the app will likely be used by MPAA for the purpose of tracking people who pirate movies.

However, there has been no official confirmation behind this claim and it is unlikely that MPAA would go to such an extent to keep a check on piracy.

Stay tuned for more update on Popcorn Time.