All Three Couples Head For Divorce At The End Of Married At First Sight, Fans Hopeful That Sam And Neil Will Reconcile!

Married at First Sight had received a lot of criticism for making a joke out of the institution of marriage, however, the show came back for the third season even after an abysmal Season 2. Out of the three couples in Season 3, it looked like Tres and Vanessa will be able to work things out,

Vanessa had initially been skeptical about the marriage because she had seen her father walk out on her mother and her fear was further accelerated with the fact that Tres had confessed to being a playboy in the past.

However, things started looking better between the two of them when Tres was able to convince Vanessa that he takes their marriage seriously and he has given up on his playboy image for good. Things looked set when on the Decision Day both of them looked interested in continuing with the marriage, but then things went downhill.

Us Magazine reported that Vanessa and Tres have decided to divorce. Vanessa was struggling with trust issues and with Tres not being able to tell her that he loved her, made things worse and ultimately they decided to go their separate ways.

Vanessa said that she was the only one in the relationship who tried to make things work out for months and has now realized that there are some things that one just has to let go off. Vanessa revealed that while she wanted to reconcile and make things work, Tres wasn’t interested and the institution of marriage cannot work out in this fashion.

Tres spoke to The Knot and said that he gave his all to make things better for Vanessa. He would go all out to prove that he wanted to make the marriage work and was committed to it, but then he realized that if things had to work out it would have been an effortless thing and they wouldn’t have to work so hard to make things work out as a married couple.

According to Christian Today, Tres realized that the marriage will work only if the two people involved in it trusted each other. With Vanessa having trust issues and struggling to believe in what Tres had to say about their future together and the marriage, he realized that things are not going to work out.

Fans were a little hopeful that Tres and Vanessa will be able to reconcile since during the reunion special episode the two had sat down to dinner together and seemed to be getting along well.

They laughed and joked and reminisced the past year that they had been married. However, simply because they were getting along together didn’t meant that they would end up coming back as a married couple.

Tres had made it very clear that he doesn’t have any feelings for Vanessa and she too had given up on the idea of a reconciliation after so many months of trying to make things work out between them.

With one of the couple heading to get a divorce, the viewers are interested to find out what’s in store for Sam and Neil. The two have had trouble in their marriage since the first day of the show and have somehow worked things out every time.

Both of them have agreed to end their marriage, but are yet to finalize on their divorce. Sam has recently shocked the viewers when she stated that she is starting to fall in love with Neil ever since the Las Vegas trip that the two took together.