Attack On Titan Season 2 To Be Delayed Since the Manga Isn’t Four Story Arc Ahead, Scoop Reveals the Source of Eren’s Power!

There is some news from Attack on Titans Season 2 that are sure to disappoint the fans. The earlier report had spoken about the possibility of the production of Season 2 to start by the end of the current year, with the release date somewhere in the latter part of 2016. However, this isn’t how things are shaping up.

HNGN has reported that the major reason for the success of the series was because the first season ran parallel to the manga version, which kept the suspense alive. Attack on Titan Season 1 was completely faithful to the original manga and it was this very reason that made it a successful one. There were no fillers and every aspect of the story went ahead to add to the final action.

The creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama and the director of the anime, Tetsuro Araki had decided on a fact that the original manga will always be four story arcs ahead of the anime. Since the manga isn’t four story arcs ahead of the anime currently, Attack on Titans cannot get into production and fans will have to wait.

The manga is only two story arcs ahead and this doesn’t allow Tetsuro Araki to start work on Attack on Titan Season 2. The two arcs that are still not done in the manga are very crucial to the story and they deal with some important aspects.

The writers feel that they should wait it out because for Attack on Titan Season 2 to be an interesting one they should wait for the next two story arcs to be completed in the original manga since if the second season continues without that it is going to be a dull watch.

The creator, Hajime Isayama is very particular about the details that are divulged and if the creators of the anime decide to go ahead with Attack on Titan Season 2 without the original matter, the plot will lose its originality and the fans will not appreciate the original story since it isn’t going to be true to the manga.

The fans are going to be disappointed when they find out that Attack on Titan Season 2 isn’t going to be out in 2016, but they will at least have the scoops on what can be expected from the upcoming season of Attack on Titan. Since the original manga is going to move along at its original pace, there are some scepticism about when the story is going to be complete for the anime to start and there is no given timeline for that.

Master Herald reported that fans of the anime have been pretty positive about the news that there is no time line as to when Attack on Titan is going to be released. The fans are focused on getting the original plot and are in no mood to rush the anime for the second season.

The fans have realised that rushing the process for Attack on Titan Season 2 might compromise the quality of the anime and they are ready to wait rather than have a half-baked product.

The fans of Games of Thrones who have read the book realise how difficult it will be for them to watch the HBO series adapted by the network for lack of material. Those who are fans of the novel series by George R. R. Martin are not happy with the fact that the story will now have two endings.