Attack On Titan Season 2 To Be Delayed Since the Manga Isn’t Four Story Arc Ahead, Scoop Reveals the Source of Eren’s Power!

Manga creator Hajime Isayama didn’t want this fate to befall in his story and hence made sure that the manga is always four story arcs ahead or that Tetsuro Araki wait for it to be ahead before proceeding.

The manga is entering the last chapter and the plot is going to become very interesting. If the events that are in the current chapter any indication of what’s in store, fans will be happy to wait for it be complete in the manga. Isayama has created the most epic story yet in the manga.

The Survey Corps are now attacking the Armored Titan with their improved weapons and the Rogue Titan trying to stop the Colossal Titan from advancing on its own.

Crossmap has said that Ymir will enjoy the pivotal position in Attack on Titan Season 2. Ymir will hold the key to the end and will be the one to discover the source of Eren Yaeger’s power. There is also going to be an instance of rebellion against the king since Reiss is believed to be the true royal family.

According to Breathecast, the Attack on Titan Season 1 dealt with the 34 chapters and four story arcs so the second season will pick up from the 104th the story of the Trainees Squad who start a war against the Titans.

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