Pokemon Z: Big Reveal Coming in December? Let’s See!

While no other concrete news is available about the game at the current moment, some other games of the Pokemon series are making the headlines for various reasons. Recent announcements by Nintendo in its official forum regarding Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon stated that players will have the freedom to play the game as any of the 20 available Pokemons in the world.

Players will have the objective of playing the game as a Pokemon and wandering about in the world while trying to unravel the mystery behind Legendary Pokemons turning into stone. Players will also have the ability to communicate and collaborate with over 720 Pokemons in the course of the game.

The game is coming with a free theme for fans who purchase it during the holiday season. Fans that purchase the game from Nintendo eShop, Nintendo.com or retail stores will get a download code along with the game. This code can be utilized by fans to download the theme for free. This offer is valid until 6th December and this code can be redeemed to download the free theme till 20th October 2016.

The Pokemon Shuffle game is set to receive a new eventthat will be added to it in the month of December. The Latios Escalation Battle will be made available to both the Nintendo 3DS and mobile versions of the game. Prizes for the event come in the form of Dragon-type Latios, Mega Stone, EXP points, Mega Start, Mega Speedup and Disruption Delay.

Stay tuned for more update on Pokemon Z.