Pokemon Z: Big Reveal Coming in December? Let’s See!

Fans of Pokemon Z are excited as the game is set to make its debut in the recent future. Though no announcements have been made regarding a specific release date of the game, fans are expecting it to be released in the next year.

Previously, Niantic had announced that Pokemon Go is scheduled for a December release and the game has received substantial amount of funding from The Pokemon Company, Google and Nintendo for its development.

Unlike Pokemon GO, the developers are tight lipped about a release date forPokemon Z. However, this has not been able to curb anticipations among fans regarding the game and it is being believed that after the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Pokemon Z should be the logical choice for a Pokemon game to be released next.

It was reported in a renowned website that the popular Japanese magazine CoroCoro had announced in their November issue that some huge news related to Pokemon is headed towards fans in their December issue. The December issue of CoroCoro will be released on the 15th of December.

Though no specific details have been given by the magazine regarding the big announcement, fans are speculating that it might have something to with either Pokemon Z or Pokemon X, Y and the Z animation film. The November issue of the magazine featured a blue-gemmed Zygarde Core which has got fans into believing that the next issue will bring further revelations about Pokemon games.

Zygarde is a legendary Pokemon which is to be the star of the Pokemon Z game. Reports from a popular website stated that it is being believed that Zygarde got its name from the term zygote. Zygote is a cell that is formed by the process of fertilization.

The zygote contains a genome which holds the necessary information required to form a new being. The feature of Zygarde that allows it to modify itself into different forms issimilar to the process of development of a zygote.

The development process of Zygarde begins at a cellular level and at this level single cells accumulate to constitute the body of the Pokemon. These cells lack any sort of consciousness of their own at this level. Gradually as the Zygarde begins development of its Core form, these cells attain consciousness and a brain also gets developed in the process.

After this the Zygarde shifts into the third phase of its development in which 10 percent of its body is formed by the absorption and accumulation of the single cells. At this stage the Zygarde takes a form which is similar to that of a dog.

In the next stage of development, the Zygarde forms 50 percent of its body by the same process of absorption of nearby cells and it looks somewhat like a serpent at this stage. This is the stage in which the Zygarde was found by fans in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y during an exploration of the Terminus Cave.

The last stage will see the Zygarde form 100 percent of its body by absorbing all the available cells and becoming the legendary Pokemon that it is. After the completion of this stage, the Zygarde will attain a humanoid form.  The Pokemon is said to have powers which are greater than the powers of other legendary Pokemons like Xerneas andYveltal.

Rumors are also doing rounds on the internet that Pokemon Z game will feature the Pokken Tournament. Pokken Tournament is a game of the arcade fighting genre and it will reportedly now feature the powerful Pokemon Shadow Mewtwo in it. Shadow Mewtwo has been absent from the game’s original titles.