PlayStation 5: Might Be VR Compatible, Rumored to Be Developed as A Streaming Device, Unlikely to Make an Appearance Before 2019, And More!

According to Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, it is highly unlikely that the PlayStation 5 would make an appearance in 2018. He believes that the device making an appearance in the year 2019 is a more probable possibility.

In other news, it has been reported that Rockstar might release GTA 6 for PlayStation 5. Various rumors have already started building up regarding the sixth iteration of GTA games and the latest suggest that it might be developed for PlayStation 5.

The game has been reportedly in its developmental stages for a quite long time and it is being speculated that the game won’t hit the market before 2022. It was previously reported that Rockstar might release the game in 2018.

However, if the company wants to make it compatible for PlayStation 5, they will have to put a halt to the development process of the game until they can acquire specific knowledge about the hardware configurations of the next-gen console from Sony. Crossmapclaims that this delay in development of GTA 6 will push its release date back to 2022.

However, there has been no confirmation regarding the matter yet from either Sony or Rockstar.

Stay tuned for more update on PlayStation 5.