Suicide Squad: Trailer Pleases the Fans, Joker Steals the Day, Spin-Off Series from DC Comics, Collectibles, And More!

The year 2016 is a great one for the fans of the comic book. With a line of comic book movies on the way, it’s going to be a battle for supremacy between Marvel and DC Comics. The first up is Deadpool and then Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, followed by Captain America: Civil War, X-men: Apocalypse and then finally the much anticipated Suicide Squad.

The trailer for Suicide Squad is out and it has spread like wild fire on the internet. The film starring Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie had its trailer realized at the DC Films special on the CW network. The film is set to be released in August this year and the fans are earnestly waiting to watch Jared Leto in action as the newest Joker.

The first trailer that had released was meant for the visitors at the Comic Con and it wasn’t the official trailer and hence Jared Leto had little or almost no space in it.  Warner Bros. had promised the fans that they will soon release the first official trailer and it will live up to the expectations of the Joker fans.

The Suicide Squad international TV spot was brilliant and it did show what everyone meant when they said that Jared Leto has given the best performance of his life in the movie. He is scary and it is no doubt that Suicide Squad director David Ayer found Jared Leto scary.

Leto supposedly would be so into his character that he would behave like the Joker in between shots as well. He even gifted his on screen girlfriend Margot Robbie a rat!

Jared Leto completely transformed himself for the film. He lost weight, got tattoos on his skin and even dyed his hair green. The purple suit and the golden teeth only add to his freaky eccentric charisma and help to make his act of the Joker a little more convincing. There are talks that Jared Leto might be on his way to another Oscar with this portrayal of the iconic comic villain.

The Suicide Squad will see a group of bad guys teaming up against a powerful enemy and there is a lot of speculation about who this super villain is going to be. Movie Pilot reported that the new trailer might have given the fans a small glimpse of the villain in the upcoming film.

There were reports suggesting that the Joker might be the villain or maybe the Enchantress, but then that would defeat the whole purpose of Amanda Waller sending in a group of notorious criminals to fight against the villain, if the member of the squad happened to be the main villain in the film.

The trailer for Suicide Squad showed a person in the subway and it is likely that is the villain since the person was capable of damaging a entire train and Joker hardly ever uses his force to damage things, he plays the mind game. Plus, he is an ordinary human being at the end of the day and he doesn’t have the super power to cause such massive level of destruction.

With Suicide Squad getting all the attention from the fans of comic books, DC Comic is trying to do everything possible to make it the big success that they so desperately need to make their stand against the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

DC Comic is now coming up with the Suicide Squad Most Wanted. This comic book will give the readers to series together, as it will feature Katana and Deadshot.