Phil Robertson From Duck Dynasty Extends His Support To Donald Trump, Says America Is Suffering From Spiritual Crisis!

Phil Robertson went on to state that Americans have become sinful and accounted this for all the recent violence in the country. He explained that nothing bad has ever come out of following the Bible and loving one’s neighbor. According to Life Site News, he said that no one ever talks about sins and that’s what is causing lawlessness.

Robertson went ahead to say that the biggest problem is that God has been taken out of the American society. He isn’t a part of the films or the news or in the centers of learning. Nothing good can happen without God and hence America hasn’t been faring very well.

The Duck Dynasty star even called the media, a form that is controlled by Satan. This statement was made when he tried to prove that Trump isn’t being portrayed in the proper light by the media. Robertson said that there are two powers at work, and the significant chunk of things are controlled by the evil.

While on the Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon, Phil Robertson said that apart from the media, it is the Satan who controls the institutions of higher learning and also the Hollywood. He used this justification to show how Trump is being labeled all over, and that is not an honest appraisal of the man.

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