Martin Provides No News On Winds of Winter, Skips Comic-Con, Rumors Of A Seventh Book Being Planned!

George R. R. Martin had decided to give last year’s San Diego Comic-Con a miss since he wanted to stay back at home and work on Winds of Winter. The fans had been hounding him with updates on the sixth book, and Martin said he was overstepping his mark and needed to work on the book.

This decision on Martin’s part had made the fans of A Song of Ice and Fire series hopeful that the book is on its way to completion, and they eagerly waited for the updates on Winds of Winter.

It has been a year since the last San Diego Comic-Con, and there still is no news on when Winds of Winter is going to be completed. The book has been five years in the making, and the fans are clearly running out of patience. HBO had to go ahead with Game of Thrones Season 6 on their own since there was no book to fall back on.

Martin had assured the fans that the sixth book is going to be published before the HBO series premieres, but that didn’t happen. Many were hopeful that Martin might publish Winds of Winter right after Game of Thrones Season 6 ended, but even that appeared to be wishful thinking.

George R. R. Martin hadn’t made any statement confirming his presence at the San Diego Comic-Con this year, but there was some excitement when a rumor spread that Martin has been spotted at the event. This gave rise to speculations that Martin might finally give the fans some update on Winds of Winter.

As it turned out, the person who was spotted wasn’t Martin, but a cosplayer who was attending the Comic-Con dressed as the author. Martin addressed the issue on his blog and said that he wasn’t present at the Comic-Con, and the fans might have mistaken someone for him. However, there wasn’t any update on Winds of Winter.

The delay in Winds of Winter has fueled another rumor. According to Parent Herald, George R. R. Martin is planning a seventh book for the series, A Song of Ice and Fire, called A Dream of Spring. Reports suggest that Martin is looking to release the two books at the same time, and hence he has been completely silent about Winds of Winter.

While this does make the fans a tad excited, but they aren’t going to believe anything that they read since there have been a lot of reports on the release date of Winds of Winter, which have all turned out to be false.

Martin it seems is still in New Mexico, and this news has made the fans happy. Martin is notoriously slow when it comes to writing, and he has made it very clear that he can write only when he is home sitting on his desk. However, Martin hasn’t revealed any update on Winds of Winter, and this is starting to worry the fans.

Martin had promised that he would cut down on his social obligations and meet-ups, but it looks like he is still going out and making appearances and the fans aren’t very happy about it. Martin recently spoke out about being at the Jean Cocteau Cinema for a Wild Cards event and informed the fans about an Ice and Fire calendar that has been launched. The calendar had art by Didier Graffet and was available at the Comic-Con.