Martin Provides No News On Winds of Winter, Skips Comic-Con, Rumors Of A Seventh Book Being Planned!

The fans are getting tired of waiting for the sixth installment in a popular novel series, and they aren’t at fault since the wait has been continuing since 2011. Since they do not have any news regarding Winds of Winter, the fans are happy speculating and believing rumors that are circulating on the social media.

An old photo of Martin writing has surfaced only. While the photo wasn’t clear enough to show what Martin was working on, some fans have manipulated the photo to reveal that the chapter on Asha. According to International Business Times, Martin had appeared on the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, back in 2014, to discuss Winds of Winter.

Martin has always exhibited a tendency to kill off the fan favorite characters, and he had confessed to doing the same in Winds of Winter as well. When John Oliver had asked if it was Arya Stark that Martin had killed, the author refused to give any information. Martin had appeared on the show via Skype, and there were pages open behind him.

One Reddit user has manipulated the image to prove that Martin was working on Winds of Winter, and the chapter was one that was written from the perspective of Asha Greyjoy. The words “sellsword,” “Lord Reaper of Pyke” and others appear on the page. It looks like Asha is set to meet some mercenaries in the upcoming book.

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