Phil Robertson From Duck Dynasty Extends His Support To Donald Trump, Says America Is Suffering From Spiritual Crisis!

Duck Dynasty reality star Phil Robertson has come out in support of Donald Trump. He gave a piece of advice to Sen. Ted Cruz, telling him that he needs to move on and accept that he has lost the battle to Trump.

Robertson asked Cruz to accept his defeat to the billionaire businessman and told him to give his backing to the Republican Presidential nominee. USA Today reported that this statement by Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson has come after Sen. Ted Cruz was lashed by Trump supporters for not extending his support to the businessman.

Robertson went all out to show that he was going to back Trump for the race to the White House. He went on to state that had he been in place of Sen. Ted Cruz he would have forgiven the supporters for not standing by him and then gone ahead to support the person the voters want to see as the President of America.

Robertson was in conversation with David Bossie, the founder of Citizens United and the leader of the Defeat Crooked Hillary PAC. The conversation took place during the GOP national convention. Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson wasn’t the only one to extend his support to Donald Trump. Even Bossie came forward to support him and said that Trump wasn’t anything like the media portrayal of him.

Bossie even stated that he was confident that Trump would be a great President since he is conservative and by nature. Bossie went ahead to talk about Trump’s nature and said that the man is kind and gentle, and he is going to make a good President.

As the viewers of Duck Dynasty would recall, Phil Robertson would be steeped in alcohol once, but he then shifted his focus to the Bible and God and had given up all these things in his life. Phil Robertson spoke about his intent on making Trump follow the Bible before the November election. He said that he has vowed to instill some bit of the Bible in Donald Trump before he goes for the election.

Bossie and Phil Robertson are working together on a movie where they try and connect every occurrence on earth, from the fall of the Roman Empire to Nazism, to the terrorist attacks by ISIS to godlessness. Talking from his life experience, Phil Robertson said that he would once get drunk and high and was wasting his life.He decided to repent his action and turn his life around, and now thanks to his believe in the Bible and God, he is wealthy and famous thanks to Duck Dynasty.

Duck Dynasty patriarch has given rise to a lot of debates with his views and on the same talk, he spoke about the sudden increase in the mass shooting to abortion in the country.

He blamed the citizens of America for low morality and said that just like the ISIS doesn’t consider people worthy, many parents kill their children in the same manner because they don’t find them worthy enough.

America is suffering from a spiritual crisis according to Duck Dynasty patriarch and the solution to all the problems in the country can be fixed by turning to God and the power of the Bible. He came out to state that the country needs a spiritual fix and not a political one. The people will have to get rid of the political angle and go for biblical correctness.