Pete Ploszek Set to Become a Teacher of Beacon High in Teen Wolf Season 6, Arden Cho Resigns from The Show!

Fans do not have any news about whether Kira’s character will be completely done away with or whether a new actor will be brought in to fill her role. While Kira did have a lot of potential and fans are waiting to know more about her story, a change of actors doesn’t make the character connect with the audience and this causes a huge distraction.

Melissa Ponzio, who plays the role of Melissa McCall in Teen Wolf, has revealed that Season 6 is going to be all about exciting things. She said that if the walls of the set could talk then the fans would get to know about all the interesting twists and turns that are lined up for them.

Jeff Davis, the creator has revealed that he is very excited about the new mythology that has been introduced into the season. The whole season has been reinvented by it and it is going to be much appreciated by the audience.

The last season had seen a line of mythical monsters coming into the picture and Jeff Davis has teased that Season 6 of Teen Wolf is going to be a psychological thriller.

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