Pete Ploszek Set to Become a Teacher of Beacon High in Teen Wolf Season 6, Arden Cho Resigns from The Show!

The latest news from the world of Teen Wolf Season 6 reveals that Harry Styles isn’t a part of the upcoming series and all the interviews with news of him appearing were fabricated. On the other hand, Pete Ploszek from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is going to be a part of the popular series. It has been revealed that Pete Ploszek will come into Beacon Hill in the role of a teacher at the Beacon High.

The character that Pete Ploszek is set to play is going to be called Mr. Garret Douglas. There is still no confirmation if the new character is going to be a friend or an enemy of the wolf pack in Teen Wolf Season 6. There are rumors that the new character is going to be one of those teachers whom everyone has a crush on.

However, the fans are pretty wary given the notorious reputation that the teachers tend to have in the series. However, Parent Herald reported that there are some rumors that Garret is going to end up becoming the mentor for the wolf pack.

With Teen Wolf Season 6 set to return soon, there are a lot of questions about whether Colton Haynes is going to come in or not. Jeff Davis said that Haynes is always welcome back in Teen Wolf and in fact, it was Colton Haynes who wanted to be taken out of the series since he was becoming a regular in Arrow. The creative team at Teen Wolf Season 6 had let him go explore other avenues for a while before he can come back.

It is rumored that Colton Haynes wanted to be a part of Teen Wolf Season 6, but then the writers couldn’t accommodate him into the story since so much had happened in his absence and they couldn’t possibly set everything aside and get him into the story.

Teen Wolf fans are excited about the release date, but they are sad that the series is going to come back without two of the primary characters. Dylan O’Brien had suffered an accident during an onscreen stunt and the whole production process was stalled and delayed to help him get well soon.However, they decided to get back to work when it was revealed that Dylan O’Brien is going to take a really long time to recover.

However, they decided to get back to work when it was revealed that Dylan O’Brien is going to take a really long time to recover.

While Dylan O’Brien was forced to leave the show to recover, there is another cast member of Teen Wolf who left the show by choice. Arden Cho, who was brought in in Season 3 of Teen Wolf has resigned from the show and this has placed the creators in a fix as to what to do with her character, Kira Yukimura.

Kira Yukimura was brought in after Crystal Reed’s Allison Argent was killed off and she was starting to become the love interest for Tyler Posey’s Scott McCall. However, it looks like Scott isn’t going to find his lady love so soon.

After he lost Allison, he took a lot of time to get over her. There was a lot of chemistry between Posey and Cho, which hinted at the fact that the two might come together, but then Cho ended up resigning from the series.

According to Inquisitr, it looks like Arden Cho had hinted at her imminent departure from the show since the finale of Teen Wolf Season 5 had ended with Kira heading to the desert to learn how to control her kitsune powers with the help of the Skin Walkers. With Kira gone, Scott is likely to spend Teen Wolf Season 6 pining over his heartbreak.