Liz Resurrected and Her Father’s Identity Revealed, Blacklist Season 3 Ends with a Bang!

Blacklist Season 3 finished with a rather shocking finale episode. First of all, it was the acting. People are used to seeing a fun and wonderful James Spader but in this episode, fans witnessed a powerful acting with great lines back to back.

There were many powerful moments with other actors like Diego Klattenhoff, Susan Blommaert, Harry Lennix and Mozhan Marno. Ressler finally stepped up and experienced an emotional arc while holding a gun to Red’s head.

During half of this season, his character took a major step back. People were expecting a little more surprise and shock from all the characters about Liz being alive. It felt like a greatly outlined and well-designed episode.

Obviously, the writers deserve a shout-out. One of the best lines was “Take the girl, kill the father.” It was clear that Kirk was suffering from some disease and the cure was present in the DNA of a blood relative.

Due to this, Liz or Liz’s daughter was needed alive. Red said that he hijacked the oil since he’s A criminal. Fair enough! However, Cooper responded asking whether there was any line he didn’t expect them to cross. A lot of fans probably felt that Red was borderline maniacal during this episode.

In the season 3 finale, it was revealed that Megan Boone’s protagonist still lives on and Tom knew about it all this time. Fans have been suspecting this ever since the 14th episode in April. In this episode, Liz died due to certain complications at the time of childbirth.

In the season finale, Red made use of every source in his arsenal in order to kill Alexander Kirk by tracking him down. He was the man responsible for ruining Tom and Liz’s wedding day and later putting an end to her life. However, Red’s plan for revenge was completely destroyed when he finally came close to his longtime nemesis.

Red came to know that Mr. Kaplan had betrayed him and he appeared to be quite devastated from it. Finally, baby Agnes and Tom got on a plane for Cuba and finally met with Liz. Keep in mind that Liz isn’t out of danger even if she is quite far away from Red.

During the final moments, Tom finds out that Liz was forcefully taken away by Kirk’s henchmen who tailed him and Agnes, all the way till Cuba.In the meantime, Kaplan and Red boarded their own flight to Cuba. They came to terms with the fact that they need to work hard in order to safeguard Tom, Liz and Agnes from Kirk’s henchmen.

A few weeks ago, Liz’s pulse was almost negligible and she was soon whipped up alive, into a body bag in order to fool Red into thinking that she was no more.

Fans should note that Tom finally arrived in Cuba in order to meet his wife but she was finally kidnapped by the same person that has been trying to abduct her since the past six episodes.

Alexander Kirk spoke about his current difficulty with a handful of advisers. Red stole all the money he donated for the presidential campaign of Senator Diaz and forced him to say that this campaign was on pause in order to hunt down Alexander Kirk.