Liz Resurrected and Her Father’s Identity Revealed, Blacklist Season 3 Ends with a Bang!

He is a man who finances terrorism and needs to be stopped at all costs. However, Kirk financing terrorism was utterly false. No matter how bad this guy is, with him kidnapping a baby and what not, Kirk did not buy oil and from terrorists and bring it to the US. What Diaz told people was totally a lie.

Kate was asked by Red as to how all these things involving Liz being alive, take place. At this moment, they were heading for Cuba in their private plane in order to prevent Kirk from bringing any harm upon Liz or the baby.

She explained her masterful plan where Liz was pronounced dead by the doctor. She was in fact, put in a very deeply induced coma so that Red doesn’t even suspect of this plan. Kate further insisted that whatever she did was for the baby. According to her, a child had to pay the price due to Liz’s association with him.

Sadly, the young family was gone by the time Red reached Cuba. Their house had seen better days and there was blood lying around. In the final scene, viewers witnessed Alexander Kirk coming towards Liz, who was tied up in a chair.

She did not reveal where her daughter and husband were. However, the final bomb dropped when she said that he was Liz’s father. So, it seems like The Blacklist has successfully accomplished a Jon Snow and there are more surprises following this ‘resurrection’.

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