PES 2016 vs. FIFA 16: The Battle for Supremacy Rages On, And More

Right now, gamers are back into that time of the year when two giant franchises battle to release the best football title and establish supremacy in the industry.

In terms of popularity, EA’s FIFA series has been the undisputed leader but the Japanese heavyweight Konami has turned on the heat with its critically acclaimed Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) series.

In the present year, both these franchises will try to capture the market with their respective games. Compared to Konami, EA has all the various licenses to the game but it still needs to upgrade its gameplay quotient every year so as not to lag behind in the gameplay.

Meanwhile, Konami boasts of the license to UEFA Champions League and FIFA gamers have been crying out for quite some time now. FIFA 16 and PES 2016 are heading our way soon and it’s time to compare both these titles, one last time before their release.

In terms of licensing and competition, FIFA wins hands-down every year. Similar to any FIFA title, the latest FIFA 16 is coming out with as many real leagues and championships possible.

Earlier, FIFA 15 featured 25 licensed championships and EA will definitely look to progress from that. Till now, one of the biggest FIFA 16 revelations has been the inclusion of international women teams and women championships.

This is definitely something that’s quite new and will feature EA gaining maximum advantage over Konami in the near future. In the meantime, Konami needs a lot of serious licensing deals for the PES franchise and this painfully evident from the list of funny names that they are forced to place for teams they haven’t licensed.

Earlier, the company had Liverpool’s license but right now the team is called Merseyside Red. Meanwhile, we have no idea as to what Mohammad Lewis Stadium is. On a brighter note, Konami enjoys the spectacular license for UEFA Champions League and this is the proverbial silver lining in the cloud. Right now, PES fans are hopeful that things will get better with the PES franchise going forward.

In the meantime, the real race begins for the two titles, in terms of gameplay mechanics. Although Konami doesn’t provide the real names for teams, stadiums and leagues, they surely make up for it by providing some excellent gameplay mechanics.

This has been its forte since the olden days of PlayStation 2. Konami found the perfect chemistry for PES with PlayStation 2. Every pass had to be calculated and each game felt like an intense battle for survival. Furthermore, it was a difficult ordeal to feature in the score sheet.