Apple iPad Air 3 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Clash of the Titans and More

A comparison can be made between the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the iPad Air 3. However, for that to happen we need to assume that the iPad 3 expected components are speculations, depending on what the company has brought with the evolution of their earlier devices along with new updates that the company revealed through a press release.

If you take a look at the Surface Pro 3, it looks far sleeker with the 11.4-inch display when compared to the smaller 9.4-inch display on the rumored iPad Air 3. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 consists of two cameras, both 5MP each. It is expected that the Apple iPad Air 3 will have an 8-megapixel camera and a 1.2MP camera on the front.

If you compare the screen resolution, you will notice that the Surface Pro 3 2160p resolution while the iPad Air 2 supported a resolution of 2048X1536. While the Surface Pro 3 weighs in at 800 grams, the rumored iPad Air 3 will weigh around 444 grams, making it considerably lighter.

The Surface Pro 3 will support 9 hours of web surfing using Wi-Fi while the Air 3 will allow 10 Hours. It should be noticed that both Apple and Microsoft are competing on all fronts of their products, providing sleeker, thinner and more efficient processors for users.

Microsoft has also considered varying consumer requirements and categorized the Surface Pro 3 based on it. Users have the ability to select between dual-core i3, i5, and i7 processors. Depending on the buyer’s preferences, the Surface Pro 3 will run either on dual core i3, i5 or i7 chipsets.

The internal storage capacity of the device is also segregated where a 4GB RAM is available for the 64 and 128GB variants and an 8GB RAM module for the 256 and 512GB variants.

Competing with these hardware specifications, the Apple iPad Air 3 runs on a quad-core A9x chipset with 3GB RAM. In the visuals department, the Surface Pro 3 runs on Intel 4400, 4200 and 5000 graphics cards respectively.

In this regard, the Apple iPad Air 3 will use an M8 Motion co graphic processor, with the ability to run HD Videos and games smoothly. The Surface Pro 3 also has additional features like that of Micro SD card reader, 3.0 USB port, a mini display port along with a conventional headset jack. A cover port is also provided in order to keep the ports dust resistant.

When you compare this with the iPad Air 3, Apple will be bringing the IOS 8 features with extra applications that users no longer need to purchase like movie editor and photo editor. The Apple iPad Air 3 should provide an increased battery life, but the display size should be increased as well.