Final Fantasy Episode Duscae DLC Updated While Director Declared FFXV Isn’t Final Fantasy versus XIII Anymore, And More Details!

On 9th June, Episode Duscae, the Final Fantasy demo, will be updated with a variety of features and improvements.  There will be changes made to the camera, battle system and targeting along with a new combat actions. Square Enix listened to feedback from the fans and have worked hard in delivering this new update.

The full breakdown is a little long winded but there is a more concise trailer which showcases some of the changes in action. Meanwhile, Square Enix is rather quiet about the full game and its eventual release. Reports heard through various Japanese industry figures suggest that Episode Duscae is currently all that is available for the game.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are no plans and other rudimentary levels in place but a major part of the game’s development lies ahead of it. The game has already been in development for a long time and includes a very large team. It is being predicted that the budget for this game has already been stretched to a great extent.

It is no doubt that Square Enix will definitely make a profit since the Final Fantasy games feature major sales. However, when it comes to overall production planning and process, it seems that something is missing. The former love interest Stella Nox Fleuret has been discarded and replaced with a new character called Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

This particular change was telegraphed in various trailer since last year but the situation was confirmed only recently by Square Enix. People who have enjoyed Final Fantasy XV will definitely love the Episode Duscae update. The only concern regarding this situation is that development cycles which are prolonged to such extent, don’t usually end well.

Meanwhile, Hajime Tabata is directing Final Fantasy XV through the rest of its development. After a switch from versus to XV, the first decision that was made was to make sure that FFXV has a complete, coherent story, in one game.

It was an important decision that was made at the company level too. Tabata went through everything in minute detail and figured out the areas that need to be changed for the better. A major part of the story has already been revealed and therefore they tried to keep as many elements from it, as they could.