Apple Watch: Insides Reveal Unique Hardware that Lives Up To Its All-Day Battery Promise!

While technology keeps improving, companies keep trying to enhance the battery life of the latest gizmos, especially when considering electronics on-the-go. There are many smartphones which presently feature all day battery life and this includes Apple’s two flagship iPhones.

However, with the introduction of Android/Apple Wearables, a lot of people are currently wondering if the Apple Watch will live up to its starting promise of an all-day battery life. People who have owned the device for a short time have declared that the battery life on the Apple Watch is quite awesome and definitely lives up to its all-day battery promise.

Even with 75% battery life, if you keep on tinkering with all its features, like new watch faces, settings and customizations, you will still have around 30% charge left after 10 hours of heavy usage. Keep in mind that this isn’t a normal day of usage. This is probably what you’ll do when you get introduced to the Apple Watch for the first time.

However, on a normal day of charge, if you leave home with a full battery, after a normal day of usage, it should still be around 80%. Hence, in case you forget to charge it one day, it wouldn’t really be an issue. Under normal usage, the Apple Watch has the capability to last around 18 hours.

This is a big deal, considering the fact that this is a first generation device and battery life has been a major problem for Wearables till now. In many cases, Apple has shown how the battery life can be a major issue for a particular product.

A long time ago, this was a major problem with the iPhone. However, recently, Apple has been quite creative regarding the tackling of battery life with all its products. Ranging from hardware to software, Apple uses unique energy saving techniques to ensure a long battery life.

For instance, in the new MacBook, Apple printed thin sheets of contoured batteries so as to fill every possible space with the device’s frame and in the end gave the highly thin and lightweight computer, a 9 hour battery life.

Apple showcased the Apple Watch in September but didn’t mention anything about new battery life. Back then, people really started to worry. Around that time, Apple indicated that users should expect to charge it nightly. In the end, people wondered whether a person could actually make it through a normal day.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch is beautiful on the outside but have you wondered about its insides.  Recently, a 42mm stainless steel model was faced a teardown in the hands of Bill Detwiller. The front panel of this model is made up of is made up of Sapphire crystal. The aluminum body Sports model makes use of an Ion-X glass.