PES 2016: Viewing the Game at a Glance, Fans Angry about the Delay in Roster Update, And More

Online modes will start receiving live updates from 1st October, but offline players would have to wait till 29th October, when the game’s first Data Pack will be rolled out by the developers, for an update.

The Live updates which will be available from 1st October will update player stats according to their weekly performances. It will also update rosters of all the teams and will enable players to use the updated roster of the team that they select during online play.

The games first Data Pack which will be available for fans on and from 29th October will make the updated roster applicable to all game modes and also make Live Updates available to all the modes applicable.

This delay in roster update for offline players has caused quite unrest among fans. The PES community has clearly shown its disappointment regarding the matter and has questioned Konami as to why the roster updates could be made available to online modes on 1st October and yet the same updates will take another 28 days to be available for the offline mode.

Adam Bhatti, the PES community manager even received death threats on twitter from angry fans! He had a tough time answering to the angry community. He apologized to the fans for the roster delay and promised them make up for it when the update is finally rolled out.

Stay tuned for more update on PES 16.