PES 2016: Viewing the Game at a Glance, Fans Angry about the Delay in Roster Update, And More

For 20 years now Konami has been making soccer games. Though there was a slight fall in its standards during the time of PS3 and the Xbox 360, the Pro Evolution Soccer series is still going strong and looks to continue to do so in the future.

The gameplay of PES 2016 is smooth and Konami has taken special care to eliminate flaws regarding input lag which was present in the previous installment of the game. Passing has been made more fluidic and sharp. Teammate intelligence has been increased and thus the chances of passes breaking up once a player gets rid of the ball are reduced.

The PES 2016’s gameplay involves a certain urgency to it which is not present in FIFA 16. The razor sharp passing ensures a more innovative and attacking-football experience to gamers. Midfielders have become more active and charges forward into correct positions, once they have passed the ball to you and this enables gamers to score some lovely team effort goals.

Calling players and have been made easier in this installment and that ensures better defending as a team. Gamers will experience that the game encourages players to go for goal at every opportunity.

A major change in the latest installment is that the developers have made refereeing a bit lenient than its previous installments. Referees calling fouls and showing cards at the slightest hard tackles and blocks had been a major letdown in previous PES games.

In this installment though, gamers can go in for slide tackles and hard blocks without necessarily falling prey to the referee’s cards or strict decisions regarding calling fouls.

Players are more recognizable from far away, a close up view of the players may not be a very happy treat for the eyes of the fans. The developers could have done more to improve in the visual department, especially in the close shots division. Modeling of players is not as convincing as that of the players in FIFA 16. Rendering of hair of the players also looks messy and far from convincing.

However, the developers have taken special care to incorporate convincing characteristics in the players of the game. Players of PES 16 actually run and dribble like their corresponding players of the real world.

Players can expect to score a lot of goals in the game. Goalkeepers could be a major issue for this installment of PES. Suicidal moves by keepers often make scoring easy for players and often they could be surprised by unexpected goals scored due to silly goalkeeper movements that let even simple shots zoom past them into the net.

Konami’s brand of man management has benefitted Master League the most. Leaving aside one or two minor flaws, it could be safely stated that the career mode of PES 16 is back to its very best.

The manager mode of the game has also improved significantly. According to a popular website, managers now have loads of data and statistics at their disposal. Players can go through feedbacks from individual players and also the team they are managing which are made available to them at the end of each month.

This feature could be used by players along with other new strategies and tactics, incorporated into the game, to improve and build a formidable team.

Konami rolled out PES 2016 on 15th September 2015 but it was reported by a website that players who would play the game in offline mode would have to wait over a month after the game was launched to get an updated roster. Offline players would have to be content with the 2015 roster till then.