FIFA 16: Hits the Market This Week, Young Ciaran O’Connor to Share Cover Space Along With Lionel Messi, Women’s Football Introduced, And More

EA SPORTS has rolled out the latest installment of the FIFA games this week. FIFA 16 hits the markets this week. With some great new features and a completely new aspect – women’s football, this latest installment is sure to create quite a buzz among fans.

Fans are already excited and eager to experience the new features of the game such as the no touch dribbling control system which enables a player to determine exactly when and how to touch the ball and women’s football which has been for the first time included in any sort of soccer video game.

EA SPORTS has also rolled out a brand new FIFA trainer which will aid fans to improve their game significantly.

According to Nick Channon, the senior producer of EA SPORTS FIFA, fans have already started engaging in FIFA 16 through EA Access and FIFA’s pre season demo. The reaction generated from fans is quite positive and the balanced gameplay has particularly been greatly praised by them.

With FIFA 16 comes another edition of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, which is the official FIFA tournament that decides the world champion of virtual soccer.

According to our sources, FIWC 16 is scheduled to kick off on October 1st and it will have three online seasons. 31 qualification seats will be available for fans and the road to the Grand Final will be paved by only one way for the fans and that is to win and just keep on winning! The qualification for FIWC will begin on 1st October and continue till 1st January.

The user interface of FIFA 16 is similar to that of its previous installment, FIFA 15, the developers have kept the menu and the control of FIFA 16 same as that of FIFA 15. There has been improvement in the graphics section of the game with the lighting being more energetic and bright. The modeling of the players has been made more complete.

The gameplay of FIFA 16 has undergone the usual tweaks that the developers of the game incorporate every year. The game has been made tighter in the midfield and defense area and unlike previous editions of the game, in this installment it is not easy to sprint down the wings and charge diagonally into the penalty area to score goals.

Slide tackling has become more effective than it was before and referees now use a white spray paint to draw a line and illustrate the area beyond which defenders can form the wall during a free kick. All being said, the game is still FIFA and it offers the same gaming experience to gamers that only a FIFA game could offer.

A major addition to the latest installment of FIFA is the introduction of women’s soccer in its gameplay. For the first time, women’s soccer is featured in an episode of FIFA. The World Cup at Canada pushed the women’s game to a new level of recognition, especially in North America.

Implementation of women’s soccer in FIFA 16 by its developers is quite successful. The gameplay of women’s soccer is slower than that of the men’s and has an essence of unpredictability to it which makes it even more fun.

The women’s soccer division scores high in the visual department too. The modeling of players is convincing and special attention has been given to matters like rendering of hair of the players which has been made realistic and believable.