FIFA 16: Hits the Market This Week, Young Ciaran O’Connor to Share Cover Space Along With Lionel Messi, Women’s Football Introduced, And More

However, EA could have done more with this new feature than it has in FIFA 16. There are only 12 international teams that feature in the game in the women’s division and sadly the team of Japan, one of the best teams of the game is missing due to licensing issues, which is a major letdown.

Also, the options regarding gameplay in the women’s division is also limited as gamers would only be able to play through a generic tournament and exhibition matches.

According to the Derry Journal, Young Ciaran O’Connor to be on the cover space of FIFA 16 along with none other than Lionel Messi! He is definitely elated to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Argentine superstar on the cover of the immensely popular franchise of football video game.

The teenager from Dundalk has come out on top of all his competitors and has left behind every player in the League of Ireland to become the face of the world’s biggest football video game.

Fans and gamers from all over the world voted for their favorite players to star on the cover of the game and Ciaran O’Connor was the one who topped the vote count from the League of Ireland.

Ciaran was the player selected by public vote on from his team Derry City to be put forward. He then competed with one selected player from every club in the league of Ireland and ultimately went on to win the final vote as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on FIFA 16.