PES 2016: More Realistic and Natural Than FIFA 16, Spotlight on Football, Not License, And More Information!

After winning the coveted “Best Sports Game of the Year” award last year, we are getting early signs pointing to Pro Evo or PES 2016 (Pro Evolution Soccer) coming on top, beating FIFA 16. The inclusion of a Women’s team is the first of its kind, but nothing strikes as praiseworthy other than that in FIFA 16. Also, the Price Range Update in March has made the fans develop a bitter taste for FIFA 16.

Lately, the governing body of FIFA is facing bribery and corruption charges that have made some groups boycott the next installment of FIFA. PES 2016 is scheduled to launch on September 16, which is a full week ahead of EA Sports FIFA 16.

The comparison between FIFA and PES cannot be helped once the games are out in September. The internet has plenty of those nowadays! Even though FIFA 16 has the major volume of gamers in their favor, we can very well expect a dilemma between gamers as to which brand to pick, and a stiff competition from PES 2016, as it’s coming on hard with some major improvements in the gameplay and graphics, thanks to Konami.

Landing an indirect blow to its competitor, Konami states that they put the spotlight on Football and not the license. A spokesperson of Konami confirms that the center of attention of PES is the gameplay and graphics, nothing else.

Based on the trailer of PES 16 that was viewed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 the game is said to have improved greatly from its predecessor in terms of fluid gameplay, according to Total Sportek.

According to the feedbacks from the gamers who had the good fortune of testing it, the game has far exceeded the expectations of the gamers in terms of its smoother gameplay and crispier graphics compared to its previous installment i.e. PES 15.

Comparing the two games side by side and based on their gameplay trailer, it seems like PES 2016 got the better of FIFA 16, although further improvements in FIFA 16 is most likely to be made before its official release in September.

In addition, PES 2016 offers more playing styles than FIFA 16 even with its new feature of ‘No Touch Dribbling’, which is one of Lionel Messi’s signature styles.

The game has been made more realistic by the improvement in the graphics from its previous version and by its improved gameplay technicality. The game has significantly improved down the line and Konami has now included a new stumble animation along with the ability of the players to battle in the air for headers have added more realism and the gameplay feels much more natural.

Konami has promised to improve the collision system in this installment. A wide range of 1v1 control movement has been featured in the game that will depend on the skill of the player. The best feature being the improvement in the reaction time to pull off more feint and lots of skill moves with better control.

The pitch is now larger as they have changed the camera, making the game more accessible. Changes in the visuals make the game look less washed out. Also, the in-game AI has been upgraded, facilitating better defending, and the inclusion of new IDs of the goalkeepers enables different reaction from different goalkeepers in similar situations.

Similar to FIFA, PES has also included control over player celebrations and has included the infamous selfie celebration by Francesco Totti. The enhanced celebrations for scoring and winning can be expected to be “State of the Art” with its new graphics upgrades.

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  1. nice to see pes upping there game again after last years instalment, you cant discount this years fifa, it did win best sports game at e3, pes was up there for nominations

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