Microsoft: Windows 10 and HoloLens, the New Era of Computing, And More Information!

Microsoft has always produced some great products starting from Windows 98, which was the first version of windows designed specifically to be consumer friendly. Since then, time has passed and we have seen lots of new products, both software and hardware. Likewise, Microsoft’s new windows 10 and HoloLens will revolutionize everything as we know it.

Microsoft is planning to finalize the release of Windows 10 this week, ahead of its official launch later this month. Through various sources it has been confirmed that Microsoft is working on final copies of Windows 10, with a release to manufacturing (RTM) build coming out later this week. Once the RTM build is ready, the company will send the final copies to its PC partners ahead of its release to the public on July 29th.

For the first time Microsoft is moving “Windows as a service” with Windows 10 that will update the Operating System at a regular interval. Thus Windows 10 will be the final windows installment as regular updates mean it’s never really finished.

“We will never be done,”- stated Terry Myerson, chief of Windows last week. Future Windows 10 updates will start to roll out regularly in the coming months. Three separate versions of windows 10 were released last week (build 10158, 10159 and 10162) each with minor adjustments to improve it from its previous version.

Microsoft could be seen squashing hundreds of bugs in just a week. Though driver problem and some software bugs still remain, they are expected to be gone very soon. Once Windows 10 is finalized this week the company will continue to fix bugs until it’s ready for its July 29th release. Windows 10 testers will get a copy of the final version which would be followed by its public release on July 29th.

The analysis of a much speculated Windows 10 launch is actually great news from Microsoft. Although after Windows 8, it’s only natural for the buyers of the new Windows 10 to be hesitant, without going to the store and checking the new start menu. So whether or not Windows 10 will be the pc market savior, it’s too early to tell.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s HoloLens headset “feels like science-fiction coming to life!” When it comes to virtual and augmented realties, the device seems to precede its main purpose. This week Microsoft conducted a semi-public experiment with HoloLens, the wrap-around augmented reality glasses.

Microsoft kept the demos tightly controlled as expected. Cameras, cell phone and all other recording devices were kept in lockers provided and large bags had to be checked.

Following the footsteps of Kinect, Microsoft will be developing an academic program under its Microsoft research division and also ask academic institutions to submit proposals as to how the device could be used in the areas of:

  • Data visualization
  • Education
  • Communication
  • Distributed collaboration
  • Interactive art and experimental media.
  • Psychology

Five amongst the proposals will be chosen as winners with each group receiving $100,000 each.

The HoloLens came out of the same research as that of the kinect and is a product that is the only one amongst many that has been accepted by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella. The Company attempted to create a new product type with HoloLens instead of catching up with Smartphones, tablets and internet search.

Last fall Microsoft spent $2.5 billion in buying Minecraft which they justified that it would help HoloLens with demonstration.

The AR has been persuasive as ever to drive a mass market Device. Its basic features consists simple cell phone games to Nintendo’s simple AR games for its 3D’s.