Mafia 3: Expectations, Speculations, and the Wait!

Sadly 2k did not announce the release date of Mafia III during the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 held last month but various speculations claims that the company is saving the announcement for the 13th anniversary of the first installment of the first-person shooter in the coming August 28th.

Apparently Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc the parent company of 2k games has already registered four domains under the name of Mafia III, thus sparking various speculations.

While the company is yet to comment on the reports, it is most certainly clear from the noted timing of the domain registration that the release date of Mafia III will be announced on its anniversary on August.

The domains reserved by Take –Two are as follows:


Even though the company is yet to comment on any of these reports, the timing of the domain registration fits in accurately with the claimed release date of Mafia III. In other reports, possibly three new characters will be introduced in the game. According to Master Herald, the new characters will be based on real life mafia personalities, Tony, Mickey, and Franklin.

One of the new characters Tony, who was born in Louisiana, is an Italian descendent in his early 30s, thin and well groomed and wears his dress very neatly. He is essentially a calm person who can resort to violence if anyone gets his ire.

Mickey also from Louisiana is in his early 20s, with an average build. He is described as a big talker who doesn’t have much to back up what he says. He has a bad habit of taking credit for bigger jobs even though he was not a part of it or hardly part of it.

Franklin reported being an African-American born in Louisiana in his early 20s with a muscular build and a height of about six feet. He is an outsider to both the white and black societies but is very loyal to those whom he considers family. He is also reported to be strong, disciplined, and street-smart, and knows how to get his job done.

By the reports, it’s quite clear that the game will commence in the backdrop of Louisiana, where the game will introduce these three characters.

It is possible that 2k Games is now preparing to develop the website before the impending release on the first Mafia game’s 13th anniversary, at the end of August. There are other speculations that suggest that Mafia III could also be launched at the upcoming Gamescom that is scheduled to be held at Cologne in Germany betweeen August 5th to 8th.

Further fueling the speculations about the arrival of the much anticipated Mafia 3 is a supposedly leaked video showing the “Mafia II” logo morphing into “Mafia III” that is followed by “2016”. This is indicative of the fact that the game could very well release in the year 2016 for PC and the gaming consoles.

Then again since nothing has been confirmed by 2k Games, everything about Mafia III is a mere speculations.