Mafia 3: Expectations, Speculations, and the Wait!

With all the speculations in place, there are a few things that we want in Mafia 3 from its previous installments. They are as follows:

  • A larger Map: Through various speculations, it is clear that the game will be set in the backdrop of Louisiana. But, to be frank, it doesn’t matter where the game is based. What matters, is the size of the map. A larger map will ensure more opportunities. So the developers need to define Louisiana in a way that it should exhibit the world big enough and a landscape filled with great details.
  • Stealth: Gamers had the privilege of stealth in only one mission in Mafia II. The development team should incorporate more use of stealth, to make things more interesting.
  • Cinematic Storyline: The story includes three protagonists as explained before in this article. The characters look good enough. Rest is up to the development team as to how they connect everything with the main storyline. We can expect the same quality of drama that we have had in its previous two installments. It should give us the feel that we are living in the post world-war era of organized crimes.
  • Interactive Open World: Unlike GTA, Mafia hasn’t yet provided an interactive open world in its previous two installments. Although Mafia II had a little taste of the retro open-world, it was quite straightforward. What we want from Mafia III is the world where we can gain access to ultimate freedom similar to GTA.

Maximum Gameplay: 2k Czech did make a game with a nice story but what’s pathetic is the gameplay time. Only 8 hours that’s what Mafia II had to offer and to make it worse you could no longer play the game once the story is completed.

The upcoming Mafia III should feature a longer and narrative gameplay time along with lots of side missions and activities so that the gamers are satisfied and can stay hooked to the game.