Persona 5 with New Features and Improvements, Rumored to Release at E3 2015!

The game will feature new exploration features where players get to move through scenes and take on a role-playing attitude. Among the variety of environments featured in this game, all of them will be connected to the main storyline. According to Katsura Hashino, the developers have worked to improve the game performance and present enhanced-quality graphics in Persona 5. Meanwhile, there were several inspirations regarding the music. The development team introduced a specially-built engine in order to keep the gameplay smooth and consistent. Reports from Crossmap suggest that the game will be highly advanced in the graphics aspect, compared to its predecessors.

Persona 5 will look fascinating on the PlayStation 4. The game’s official soundtrack has received positive reviews. Meanwhile, game director Hashino revealed details regarding the main character to Weekly Famitsu. According to him, people these days don’t know where they are heading with their small/big personal problems.

According to Hashino, happiness cannot be simply achieved by following a set of values or regulations. It’s difficult to gain the courage to work hard, take initiatives and change the status quo. He revealed that this negative aspect of the modern society served as the primary backbone in this upcoming title.

The protagonist will have his issues, and unless he finds a way to resist, he could end up facing a difficult future.

Stay tuned for more updates on Persona 5!