Persona 5 with New Features and Improvements, Rumored to Release at E3 2015!

Take a look at the official Persona 5 web page, and you’ll notice that the game is listed with a vague 2015 release date. Sadly, there are no specific dates mentioned, just the year. Gamers are quite disappointed with this recent trend of reluctance about declaring the release date. Due to this indefinite release date, hardcore fans of this franchise are wondering whether they’ll be seeing this title later this year. The current batch of rumors suggests that developer Atlus is getting ready for a major announcement in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

For those who are not aware, E3 is the yearly trade show sponsored by Entertainment Software Association, developed for the video game industry. Various companies and gaming giants showcase their upcoming releases in order to develop an interest in their latest upcoming releases. In this year, E3 will start on 16th June and end on 18th. The venue for this year’s event has been decided to be California’s Los Angeles Convention Center.

Reports suggest that the upcoming “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona” installment features the life of a high school boy in rather aberrant circumstances. According to Gematsu, Katsura Hashino, the game director has stated that Persona 5 protagonists are on the run after doing what they think is right, following something completely out of the blue.

A combination of thrills and not-much-greater-than-life ensemble features the idea of ‘academy juveniles’ for the developers. Depending on the plot and the theme, the players will need to face various categories of environments and gear-up to battle on randomly-generated locations. Similar to earlier titles, the armaments for each player will comprise of their Personas and two conventional types, a melee, and a gun.

According to the big announcement, Atlus will introduce a new set of playable characters, providing details on their backstories and how they connect with the main protagonist in this franchise. Reports also suggest that the developers will introduce feature changes to its multiplayer mode.