Patches Released For 11 Critical Vulnerabilities In Adobe Flash Player, And More Details!

You will find it difficult to discover a computer that doesn’t run Adobe Flash Player. With their constantly released updates, Adobe has remained a popular choice among users all over the world. The current generation version 16 will be substituted by an update, to be released in the coming months. Although no specific dates have been released, it is being expected that the update will be seen within the next 6 months.

In respect to features, users will see a lot of improvements when it comes to compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems. It will ensure that the software runs smoothly on both these platforms. Newer elements will ensure an improvement in the overall software experience. In order to improve overall performance, the 17th version will come with minor tweaks present better memory management. Issues related to individual platforms using Adobe Flash Player will be fixed as well.

In conclusion, Adobe Flash Player 17 will take general flash elements to a whole new level.

Stay tuned for more updates on Adobe Flash Player!