Pangu’s Latest Apple iOS Jailbreak Shut Down by Recently Released iOS 9.1, More Details!

Recently, a new version of the iOS Jailbreak Tool was released by the Pangu team but a lot of users reported that they were facing problems. The Pangu Team initially released version 1.0.1 but recently, they also pushed a v1.1.0 update.

In order to make the process of jailbreaking faster and more successful, a lot of fixes have been included in the latest version of iOS Jailbreak by Pangu. In case you are one of those users who have been trying to jailbreak their device for a long time but have been unsuccessful so far, you should try out the new update.

However, there have been some recent developments that we’ll come to later. Earlier, there was an issue when the jailbreak would fail if Windows did not have sufficient disk space. The recently updated iOS Jailbreak Tool fixes that problem. The overall reliability of the jailbreak program and also its success rate has been improved to a great extent on the 64bit devices.

Jailbreak speed has been increased while the backup process has been optimized. In case of abnormal network status, the jailbreak tool would exit, and that issue has been fixed in the new Tool update. There were some devices that were upgraded via iTunes, but they were detected as jailbroken. The new update brings re-jailbreak option in order to remedy that problem.

A bug that caused a failure to use the instrument function in Xcode has been fixed. In case your device is already jailbroken, re-jailbreaking the device is not necessary. You will be notified of the latest Pangu 9.0.x Untether package after launching Cydia.

Now, let’s come to the part where some recent developments have triggered a major problem for the iOS Jailbreak. Two of the exploits utilized by Chinese hacking Team Pangu has already been closed by Apple, simply days after the first public jailbreak designed for iOS 9 surfaced on the internet.

With the recently released untethered jailbreak by Pangu, users could jailbreak all of their iPods, iPhones and iPads running version 9.0 through 9.0.2.

Apple posted a security document on their website where the Cupertino giant actually credited Pangu for discovering two vulnerabilities in their operating system and they have now been successfully patched.

A malicious application could elevate privileges in one of the vulnerabilities while through another one; a malicious application was able to execute arbitrary code by making use of kernel privileges. The jailbreaking community was already aware of the fact that Apple managed to patch these exploits in iOS 9.1.

This is because the jailbreak was non-functional with the beta version build of the iOS 9.1 software. This is probably the reason why Pangu managed to release their iOS 9 Jailbreak before iOS 9.1 finally released. In case you accidentally upgraded your device to 9.1, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to jailbreak your device again.

Be sure that either the Pangu Team or another hacker group will spot a unique vulnerability to be exploited in the near future. With the iOS Jailbreak Tool v1.1.0 released by Pangu, better and more stable results have been witnessed. Keep in mind that this tool is still focused on allowing the users to jailbreak their devices up to iOS 9.0.2.

The team hasn’t declared anything about a 9.1 being under development. In case, you still wish to jailbreak your device, what you need to do is stay away from 9.1. The team hasn’t declared anything about a 9.1 jailbreak release date.

Always understand that there are a lot of neat perks and tweaks you can come across after jailbreaking but at the same time, remember that it exposes your device (especially your personal items) to various security threats.