Pangu Reveals Apple iOS Jailbreak, Reports Security Glitches In iOS 9.3.2, Jailbreak Expected To Be Released Soon!

Trusted Reviews reported that the Apple iOS Jailbreak has always been a way to show Apple how much better it can make its operating system if it decides to bring down its guards. There are a few things that the jailbreakers have shown the users, and they sure hope that Apple will take note of them.

Apple had introduced the 3D touch with iOS 9. However, it wasn’t incorporated well. Jailbreak gave the users the QuickCenter, which showed the users what more 3D Touch could help them with, and they hope that these features will be worked on by Apple.

The iMessage is a fantastic app, but the jailbreak hack TypeStatus allows the users to see when a particular message was read on iMessage apart from the usual intimation of when someone is typing out a message.

IPhone has always had a superb theft security, but it goes for a toss when switched off. The hack iCaughtU takes a photo of whoever tries to turn the phone off or unlock it and emails it to the owner with the help of a GPS. Apple’s security features are good, but the iOS Jailbreak makes things much smoother.

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