Beta Version Of Apple iOS 10 Available To Apple Users, Does Away With Slide To Unlock Feature, iMessenger Gets A Makeover!

The second version of the developer preview of Apple iOS 10 has been rolled out by Apple and after some deliberation, there are a lot many Apple iPhone users you have decided to upgrade their device to the new operating system.

Apple decided to unveil the iOS 10 and the macOS Sierra at their Worldwide Developers Conference. The full version of the Apple iOS 10 will be available from Fall, but those with an Apple ID can get the Beta version on their device.

There are a lot of confusion on how to go for the Apple iOS 10 update and hence tech experts have come out to help the users upgrade their phone to the latest Apple iOS 10. The first thing that Apple has asked the users going for the beta update version of iOS 10 is to back up the device after going to iCloud from Settings or getting their phone connected to their computer.

There have been some glitches with the Apple iOS updates in the past, and hence experts have informed the users to go for the encrypted backup so that they can recover the phone to the previous iOS in case there is some issue.

Indian Express reported that the beta version downloads seamlessly on the iPhone, and it is a process that can be understood easily. Once the beta has downloaded, the users need to restart the phone and the Apple iOS 10 will work on their phone automatically.

The moment the Apple iPhone restarts, the users will be able to see the changes courtesy the Apple iOS 10. The lock and notification screen and has taken a lesson from Google and has decided to feature all the important things there.

From the weather to the news, everything is right there at your fingertip and can be easily navigated. The search bar is also there on the top. The only thing missing, for now, is the Siri up, which will be available from Fall when the official release is rolled out.

As reported by Telegraph, the next thing that the users notice in their iPhone after the Apple iOS 10 update is that Apple has removed the slide to unlock option in the locked screen, for the first time since it was first released. This feature will enable the Home button the trigger to the whole phone.

The Apple iOS 10 update gave a makeover to the iMessage app. The old app that was available before the OS update was very basic, but Apple has incorporated a lot of interesting features now to make it one of the best third-party messaging app.

There are a lot of features that will allow the users to do some interesting things with the app. For one, once the full update is rolled out, the users will be able to scribble out the whole message and send it across.

Apple has supposedly opened iMessage to the developers so that they can create apps within the iMessage and enable the users to send money, order food or even shop while using the iMessage.