No Surety About PlayStation 5 Release, Sony To Launch PlayStation 4.5 Neo In September, Speculation About Specs!

It was rumored that the PlayStation 5 was expected to be the next thing for Sony, but the recent news from Son has been that the next PlayStation that they will roll out will, in fact, be called PlayStation 4.5. The PlayStation 4.5 is going to be launched by Sony in September.

While there is some news on the PlayStation 4.5, there is hardly any information on the much anticipated PlayStation 5. Since there hardly any information available on the PlayStation 5, the general opinion is that it’s not coming out anytime soon.

However, Sony has the habit of confirming information very close to the time of its official reveal, and this might be the same with PlayStation 5. It had confirmed the PlayStation 4.5 Neo days before it was going to be announced at the E3 2016.

While confirming the news, Sony made it very clear that they will not be revealing the same during the E3 2016. The PlayStation 5 was expected to be a full upgrade from the PS4, but that isn’t the case for PlayStation 4.5.

The PlayStation 4.5 is a mid-generation upgrade and will only offer an enhanced graphics performance as compared to the PlayStation 4. Andrew House, the president of Sony Interactive, said that the PlayStation 4.5 is expected to compliment the PlayStation 4, and both of them will be sold.

Tech Advisor reported that the PlayStation 4.5 is going to enable the users to enjoy a full 4K output with better graphics performance. While Sony hasn’t released any information about the specs, there are some rumors about the PlayStation 4.5 Neo specifications.

It is believed to be compatible with the latest PS 4 games and will support all the upcoming games that are going to be available on the PlayStation 4.

There is a rumor that the PlayStation 4.5 is going to be costlier than the PlayStation 4, but Sony hasn’t been forthcoming about any information on this aspect. The new console is going to be released during the Tokyo Games Show in September, and those interested will have to wait around for Sony to let out more information as the time of the launch comes closer.

VRWorld has reported that the project that is being called the “Neo” will make sure that the new PlayStation is equipped with a higher clock speed and will come with a better GPU. The PlayStation 4.5 Neo is also going to have a higher band-with.

Some rumors suggest that state that the PlayStation 4.5 Neo will have eight Jaguar CPU that will run at 2.1 GHz instead of 1.6GHz. It will also have a better rate of 911 MHz as compared to the 800 MHz in the PS4.

There are some who aren’t very keen on going for the PlayStation 4.5 since they would rather wait for the PlayStation 5 to be released. While there would have been some problem if Sony had released games that will only be compatible with the PS 4.5, this isn’t the case. The games that will be developed from now on will come out in two modes, the first one being the base

The games that will be developed from now on will come out in two modes, the first one being the base mode and the other one being the NEO mode.

While the PlayStation 4.5 Neo seems to be an interesting update, there are some who are a tad disappointed. The news that PlayStation 5 isn’t going to be released anytime soon especially after Shuhei Yoshida, the President of Sony Worldwide Studios had mentioned it himself, was a big let-down.