No Surety About PlayStation 5 Release, Sony To Launch PlayStation 4.5 Neo In September, Speculation About Specs!

Yoshida had mentioned the PlayStation 5 while he was talking about the game developers to push themselves to come out with interesting that has never been seen before. Yoshida has asked the game developers to come out and let Sony know what they are capable of and whether they need more power. If that is the case, Sony will not shy away from releasing a PlayStation 5 in case PlayStation 4 is not capable of handling it.

There is a belief that PlayStation 4.5 Neo was an addition to the VR technology and the PlayStation VR, but there are many who feel that nonVR consoles are going to be present in the future. There is still no guarantee how well PlayStation VR and PlayStation 4.5 will fare in the market and if they don’t, then Sony will have to go for PlayStation 5 sooner than it expected to.

The tech experts feel that if Sony does come out with the PlayStation 5 shortly, then it will have more function than just a simple game console. This is because, even though the year of a console is around five years, the duration is going to get reduced, if, in spite of technological advancement, it sticks to just one function.

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