Beta Version Of Apple iOS 10 Available To Apple Users, Does Away With Slide To Unlock Feature, iMessenger Gets A Makeover!

Apart from the changes in the iMessage app, there are several other changes that the Apple iOS 10 is going to bring in. The users will be able to send self-destructing messages and will also be able to copy and paste content between their iOS device and Mac.

The Apple Music is also going to get a facelift, and there will also be support for digital stickers. Apple iOS 10 is also going to enable the users to remove default apps that they do not require from the phone.

In spite of the Apple iOS 10 beta version available to all the users with a valid Apple ID, some users who have come out to complain that they have been locked out of their Apple ID. The users who have been locked out had a two-step authentication security for the ID.

Even if they have the option to access the page to unlock their account, they aren’t being able to do so since they are getting a page that shows server error. Apple has responded saying that they cannot reset the passwords since they have a two-step verification security.

Even if the beta versions, allow the users to use the updates before the official launch, the users should keep in mind that these are all in the process of being tested. The beta version might have bugs and glitches and might cause a problem in the device.

This is why Fortune reports that the users should backup their device before going for the update so that they have a way out in case there are some major glitches after the Apple iOS 10 update.

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