Panel At Comic-Con Tease A New Ghost Rider In Agents of SHIELD Season 4, Young Villain To Torment The SHIELD, Will Palicki And Blood Come Back? Let’s See

When fans at the Comic-Con asked if there was any chance of Ghost Rider crossing paths with Hellfire, Jed Whedon, the showrunner didn’t reveal any information but did mention that it was an interesting proposition, and they will see what can be done.

Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD saw Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) leave the show. While this move was a shocking one for the fans, they were more disappointed with the exit of Lance Hunter (Nicki Blood) and Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki). The two of them were written off Agents of SHIELD Season 4 since they were to star in their show, Marvels Most Wanted.

After these two characters had been written off Agents of SHIELD Season 4, ABC decided to pass off the idea of making the new series with these two characters and this left Nicki Blood and Adrianne Palicki in a fix. When fans enquired about the fate of these characters in Season 4, Loeb said that they should keep watching for more news on this. This has intrigued the fans.

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