Outlander Season 2 Will Be Full of Deception and Drama, New Trailer Creates Much Interest!

The first trailer of Outlander Season 2 has been released. Starz reported that the trailer contains a lot of new images that gives an idea of what the second season will look like. Showrunner Ron D. Moore has made a 30 second long trailer to give the fans an idea of how things will be with the characters in Season 2 that will deal with the Battle of Culloden and primarily with the Jacobite Rising.

Fans will be aware that with the setting of Outlander Season 2 changing from Scotland to high society of France, the clothes that the characters wear will be very different from what they used to don in Season 1. The photos from the second season have already revealed Jamie and Claire in fancy clothes with Claire wearing the red dress that every reader of the novel is well aware of.

The Outlander Community has been uploading photos of the elaborate costumes that the characters will be donning. Terry Dresbach, the costume designer, spoke about the monumental work that had to be put in for the costumes and said there were a staggering 6,500 hangers for all the clothes that were used in Season 2.

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