GTA 5 Online Receives New Update 1.33, Update Brings New Adversary Mode to The Game Along with Other New Aspects!

Just in the recent past, the online version of GTA 5 got a brand new update which brought a number of new aspects to the game. Rockstar rolled out update 1.33 for GTA 5 Online on March 15. The update is currently available for the platforms of PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It brought forth a brand new mode to the game called the Sumo Adversary mode.

The update will also work towards fixing certain bugs and errors in the game. The overall stability of the game will also be improved by it. Apart from that the update adds a new vehicle to the game which is the Dundreary Virgo Classic. Benny’s Bespoke Wheel Types will also be included in the update.

The vehicle is from the website of Benny’s Original Motorworks. It will become purchasable by players after application of the update. Players will also have the option to upgrade the vehicle to Dundreary Virgo Classic Custom.

Apart from this vehicle, two more vehicles that are already existent in the game can be upgraded after the update. These vehicles are the Willard Faction and the Vapid Slamvan. The Willard Faction vehicle will be upgradable to Willard faction Custom Donk and the Vapid Slamvan vehicle can be upgraded to Vapid Slamvan Custom.

Apart from the vehicles the Sumo Adversary mode will also be added to the game via update 1.33. Players will be able to play this mode either alone or in teams. The objective of this particular game mode is to force out the opposition player or team out of a designated arena. This mode shares reminiscence to actual Sumo Wrestling and hence the name.

However, unlike actual Sumo Wrestling, in this mode players will have to use cars to try and force out opponents out of the arena. The cars can be chosen by players according to their preferences.

It is a timed event and a clock continues to count down while the players battle it out in the arena. The last player or team that will remain standing in the arena when the clock counts down to zero will be declared the winner.

That apart, players will be able to get their hands on two brand new weapons that will be brought forth by the update. These are the Double Barrel Shotgun and the Compact Rifle. Players will be able to use this weapons during drive-bys.

The clothing and accessory departments of the game will also get an overhaul with the update. Brand new outfits and clothing items which are themed on Lowrider will be brought forth by the update.

New hairstyles for both male and female characters will also get added along with 16 new designs for tattoos. All of these will be usable by players within the game. This brand new update has been titled- Lowriders Custom Classics Pack.

It has been quite some time since Rockstar rolled out the Lowriders DLC for the game which brought a number of new vehicles to the game. Rumors regarding a second part of Lowriders DLC are currently doing rounds on the internet.

Apparently, the upcoming DLC will bring some more Lowrider vehicles to the game. It was previously announced by Rockstar that more Lowrider vehicles will be added to the game in the future. Fans are assuming that the developers will do so through the second version of Lowriders DLC.

According to latest reports, the Lowriders II expansion pack will most likely come loaded with- Faction, Mini Van, Tornado, Sabre, Virgo and Rat Loader. However, it should be noted that Rockstar is yet to confirm these rumors and speculations.