GTA 5 Online Receives New Update 1.33, Update Brings New Adversary Mode to The Game Along with Other New Aspects!

A renowned website reports that a new hack is currently being used by hackers to cheat in the game in an unusual way. Apparently, this new hack is allowing them to escape from paying insurance money on vehicles.

The hackers are able to spawn high-end personal vehicles for their own usage using the glitch. However, whenever the car is totaled or it explodes, the hackers are finding a way to escape from paying the insurance money.

Random players from the lobby are being chosen by the hackers to take the fall for them and pay out the insurance money. Numerous players are complaining that their accounts are being wiped away by hackers using this particular glitch.

Rockstar is reportedly working on fixing the problem, however, until it comes forward with an announcement that states that the issue has been sorted out, it will be in the best interests of players to stay away from public lobbies of GTA 5 Online.

Just in the recent past, Rockstar held a Double XP event for GTA 5 Online. The event began on March 4 and came to end on March 10. During this time period, players were able to earn double GTA% and RP for all Versus Missions. Players were rewarded with double XP regardless the fact whether they succeeded or failed in the missions.

Stay tuned for more update on GTA 5 Online.