Outlander Season 2: New Faces Joining the Series, Photos from the Location, Promotional Video Released!

Jamie and Claire from Outlander have become the most popular couple on television and on Valentine’s Day they beat The X-Files’ Mulder and Scully, played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson respectively, to become the favorite television couple. The couple got 16,000 votes from fans of RadioTimes all over the world.

To celebrate the day of love, the producers of Outlanders also shared a photo of Jamie and Claire kissing. Sam Heughen had also shared a photo of himself and Balfe on the occasion. This was the same photo that had been released by the producers.

With production on its way, there are numerous photos from the location that are being shared by the cast and crew members. Outlander writer Matthew B. Roberts shared a photo of the beautiful location where the shoot has been taking place.

While the scenery doesn’t reveal anything about the upcoming season, they give a glimpse of the gorgeous locations where the series is being shot in.

The series has given rise to a lot of expectations and viewers are hoping that Outlander Season 2 lives up to all it and betters them.

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