The Big Bang Theory: Bernadette Gets Pregnant, Howard Freaks Out About Becoming a Father, Kaley Cuoco Dating Sam Hunt? Let’s See

With 200 episodes under their kitty, the creators of The Big Bang Theory continues to deliver top notch episodes in the ninth season of the series. The series saw a massive change in Season 9 with Sheldon (Jim Parson) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) finally acknowledging their feelings for each other and taking their relationship to the new level.

The next episode, which will be called The Positive Negative Reaction will bring about a change in the whole gang. Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) will come out with the news that she is pregnant. While this is a great news, it will be met with a lot of surprise as she will be the first one in the gang to enter the next phase of life.

Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) will be a little shocked with the news and this will make Bernadette really worried. The two have been married since Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory and while they have been together for a long time, Bernadette doesn’t feel that Howard is in the right phase yet.

Bernadette doesn’t reveal the news to anyone except the Valentino Wolowitz Rabbit. The two have a long day of taking care of the baby and making sure that it is safe, but there is Howard in the background who freaks out about the idea that he might get rabies from the rabbit. Seeing how Howard is already very agitated, Bernadette doesn’t feel that it is the right time to spring the news of her pregnancy on him.

Bernadette lets the gang know that she is pregnant, but Howard misses the whole thing in the confusion regarding the rabbit bite. However, he will be finding out that he is going to be a father in the next episode and it is going to be worth the watch. In a teaser for the upcoming episode, the gang is seen reacting to the news of Bernadette’s pregnancy in different ways.

Bernadette will come out with the news to Howard, who seems genuinely happy with the prospect of becoming a father. The two head to inform their friends; while Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Amy are delighted with the fact that Bernadette is heading to the next phase of her life, the men aren’t so forthcoming.

They are delighted when they hear the news and take Howard out for a drink, but the reality of the situation starts sinking. Sheldon, Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) are as scared of the sudden change in their lives as is Howard. Howard realizes that he will have to start earning more money so that he can fend for the baby.

Howard’s happiness of becoming a father is marred by the realization that he isn’t settled financially and also that he wouldn’t be a good role model for the baby. He tells out loud that he isn’t fit to become a father since he doesn’t eat his own vegetables still.

The title for the upcoming episode gives a clear hint of what the viewers can expect from it. The news of Bernadette’s pregnancy will be met with some positivity and some negativity, but ultimately they will pull through it.

Steve Molaro, the showrunner of The Big Bang Theory has reported that the creative team had been toying with the idea of introducing a baby angle for a long time now. They have been waiting for the right moment with all the issues in Penny and Leonard’s impulsive marriage and Sheldon and Amy’s relationship trouble.