Orphan Black Show M. K Seeking Revenge, Alison Tries to Find Out More About Genetically Superior Babies!

They go ahead and find out that Lifespring has a special program called Brightborn where they are planning on changing the world one baby at a time and they help the parents have a genetically superior baby.

Alison also finds out that her friend Portia, who had also had trouble getting pregnant was able to work things out with Dr. Bosch’s bright born treatment. Alison is able to figure out that the CEO of Brightborn Group was Evie Cho, the Neolutionist.

While all this is panning out, Helena decides to leave the Hendrix’s home and go off on her own. She and Donnie have a long conversation about Alison not being able to have children of her own. Helena decides to bury her dead babies. She asks them to forgive her since she didn’t know that she had to feed them liquid nitrogen.

After that she takes up her backpack and leaves. However, the viewers of Orphan Black do not really worry about Helena, since she is one clone who always turns up at the right moment.

Helena hadn’t been having anything working out for her when it comes to a story and hence it was smart on the part of the creators to take her out of the picture for a while.

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